8 Original Menus from The CGT French Line Paquebot SS Cuba 1936

8 Original Menus from The CGT French Line SS Cuba 1936


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Set of 8 original Menus from the Cie Gle Transatlantique French Line Paquebot Cuba March 1936 in excellent condition.

These menus printed on card feature ladies in traditional French Costume.

Highly collectable not only because of their age and condition but very few menus from this ship exist and are rarely offered for sale.

Cuba S/S S/S Cuba was a French ocean liner, built in Newcastle in 1923, owned by the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and taken as a war prize by the Royal Navy. She was used as troopship. 223 crew, 29 gunners, 10 Army staff and three signallers. On April 6th 1945, when in convoy VWP 16, she was sunk by a single torpedo from U-1195 (Kapitanleutnant Ernst Cordes), who had sunk the James Eagan Layne a few days earlier. The same day, destroyer HMS Watchman (D-26) depth charges and sinks the U-1195. Ernst Cordes was killed along with 30 of his crew. Jan Lettens 01/06/2009 The Cuba S/S was owned by the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique from Paris. When she was requisitioned and managed by the Cunard White Star Line for the Ministry of War Transport.  Ministry of War Transport; 1923; Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardspn; 11.420 tons; 476×62.3×35.1; 10.300shp; 15.5 knots; turbine engines.

Credit:Jan Lettens 06/04/2010

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