Authentic Models 1930s Bell Cocktail Shaker

Authentic Models 1930s Bell Cocktail Shaker

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Classic Style

The Authentic Models Bell Cocktail Shaker offers a reminder of how to make the classic cocktail. Rotate the base and read the mix needed for a dry martini…  Eccentric and functional, with original cork details and threaded caps, this is the perfect gift for someone who likes their drinks made in style.

Exact Replica

Handmade in brass; nickel-plated outside and silver-plated inside, the shakers are made from originals acquired at the finest art auctions in London; all 1920s and 30s style novelty shakers. Originals were rare in the 30s; they cost substantial money then, but now they can be recreated down to the smallest detail. Food-grade safe – these shakers are ready to go.

Speakeasy Specials

Authentic Models’ cocktail shakers all feature whimsical and unusual shapes. Decorative designs that differed from the classic shaker shape were in fashion during 1920s America, to make them less easily recongised by the police during the Prohibition era when alcohol was prohibited. Illegal bars called speakeasies came in many varieties, and many of them served drinks from disguised glasses and shakers like these.


Width: 15cm

Height: 28cm

Weight: 854 gr

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 25 × 25 cm