Bassett-Lowke Waterline Model Ship The Norddeutscher Lloyd SS Scharnhorst

Bassett-Lowke Waterline Model Ship The SS Scharnhorst



This Amazing model of the Norddeutscher Lloyd  Line SS Scharnhorst by Bassett Lowke is 100ft to 1inch and considering its size it is extremely well detailed and in superb condition never having left its box and is in immaculate condition.

This waterline model of the SS Scharnhorst is boxed and including the box both are in immaculate condition.

This is indeed a rare little model

The original box still shows the Bassett Lowke labels

Model measures 16cm

Box Measures 20.5cm x 6cm x 3.2cm

Weight including box 39g

SS Scharnhorst was launched in 1934, completed in 1935 and made her maiden voyage on 8 May 1935. She was the first big passenger liner built in the German Third Reich. She sailed under the German merchant flag and was the second ocean liner named after General Gerhard J. D. von Scharnhorst (1755-1813), the Prussian army reformer and military theorist. She was converted into an aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy and renamed Shinyo in 1942 and sunk by US submarine Spadefish in the Yellow Sea in 1944.


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Weight.50 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 20 cm