Henry Browne & Son Ltd portable boxed Ship's Sestrel Brass Compass

Henry Browne & Son Ltd portable boxed Ship’s Sestrel Brass Compass




Henry Browne & Son Ltd Ships portable boxed Ship’s Sestrel Brass Compass

In absolutely fabulous condition, having recently been fully serviced and polished this obviously very well looked after ship’s compass is one of the best I have seen. Weighing in at around 11 kilos (unboxed) this compass has been kept in its box most of its life and only lifted out to be installed in a ships binnacle when required. with a frosted glass bottom it is designed to be lit from beneath if required.

The original box itself is also of historic significance giving provenance to the instrument and it’s age and travels.

Compass sits perfectly snug in box making use of own gimbal.

See photographs for details.

Very unusual to find such a fine compass in such good condition and in its original wooden box

Formerly of Station Works, Wakering Road, Barking, Essex were important British compass makers. The company was founded in the nineteenth century in Barking and London. They were  respected  English instrument makers who made fine quality compasses, ships clocks, inclinometers, sextants and chandlery items for over 140 years. Their “Dead Beat” compass, which was well dampened to reduce oscillation, was fitted to many Allied ships  during  the Second World War. Sestrel was their famous Trade Mark brand. The company was sold to John Lilley & Gillie Ltd and SIRS Navigation, both UK companies, in 1993.

Box Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 23cm

Compass Diameter 21cm

Width with gimbal 27cm

Height: 11cm to spirit level

Circa 1953

Notes: Commission sale ref: RJH/NL


Additional information

Weight11 kg
Dimensions45 × 45 × 45 cm