Heavy WW2 Kriegsmarine binoculars

WW2 Kriegsmarine binoculars



A brief history of the B.Z. C/2 Zeiss Binoculars (5 + 10 x 70) made for, and used by, the German Kriegsmarine.

Straight through binocular observation telescope of the Kriegsmarine with variable magnification. Porro II prisms with coated optics, controls correspond to other Zeiss binocular sights with the following exceptions: The interchangeable optics for 5 x magnification are swung into position via a horizontal axis. This type of construction results in the rounded top of the housing. The rotating switch is located in the centre of the rear face. Adjustment for eye width is achieved: Pushing and turning a knob rotates the right-hand prism housing with the ocular. After releasing the knob, the housing is locked in this position. The eye width is indicated on a scale behind a window. The focusing and guiding differ in the following respects: Rotating ocular covers are coupled to a gearing system operated by a lever with a dioptric scale. This type of geared operation allows easier focusing.

Dimensions approx. 51 x 24 x 23.5 cm
weight approx. 15.5 kg with base plate