Nelsons Blood Pussers Rum 1 Litre Flagon Decanter

Nelsons Blood Pussers Rum 1 Litre Flagon Decanter



British Navy Pussers Rum Nelson’s Blood Rum Flagon with stopper (opened).

Ceramic 1 litre Rum Flagon.

This Vintage 1 Litre (Liter) Flagon of British Navy Pusser’s Rum is in superb condition. Comes complete with stopper

Depicting “Nelson & Trafalgar 1805” this flagon of rum is beautifully decorated.

Released in 2005 to celebrate the Trafalgar Battle Bicentenary and no longer available (to the best of our knowledge).

Ceramic flagons like this one, but slightly larger having a capacity of one-Imperial gallon, were used to carry and store rum on board ships of Great Britain’s Royal Navy from the late 1800’s through July 31st, 1970 on which date the daily issue of rum was terminated.

The navy’s flagons were encased in a tightly hand-woven willow basket to reduce breakage, whereas this Pusser’s version has been decorated to salute one of the world’s greatest fighting admirals, Horatio Nelson.

Two hundred years following the event that created it, the term “Nelson’s Blood” still remains a vital part of the lexicon of the seaman and the Royal Navy – in continuous service since the days of Henry VIII from the year 1525.

Around the neck of the decanter is the famous flag signal that set the seal to Nelson’s fame. Just before engaging the enemy at the Battle at Trafalgar on October 21st, 1805, he flew this signal, “England expects that every man will do his duty”.

The stopper design includes the Killick’s Anchor, the symbolic anchor of the seaman as designated by the Admiralty. It is a very old design for which the etymology is not known. Its unique design has long been associated with the jack tars of the Royal Navy and sailors everywhere in the world.

Rum and the sea are inseparable, and no rum is more akin to the sea or sailors than Pusser’s Rum – the Original Navy Rum. Before battle, the fleet was issued a double ‘tot’, and again after victory for a job well done.

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