Rare Genuine White Star Line Brass Plaque

Rare Genuine White Star Line Brass PORTER Plaque



This is a brass plate which measures 152mm Square of solid brass with a thickness of 2mm

it is engraved with the word PORTER at the centre top half and has a hole dead centre which would probably have had a bell push in at some point.

It also has predrilled holes for fixing in the corners.

It also has an engraved White Star Line motif in the form of a flag/Pennant and 5 posted star at the centre lower half.

Would probably have been used in the First Class areas on board one of the White Star Line liners to summon help from a Porter or such member of the crew.

A very unusual item which could well have come from the Olympic or similar famous vessel.

Weighs 300g

Early 1900s

Titanic, White Star interest


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 5 cm