RMS Queen Mary Bedside Clock

A beautiful timepiece from days gone by



The Queen Mary 1 ship was planned and built as a response to the modern ocean liners constructed in Germany and launched in 1928 – SS Bremen and SS Europa. So the British “White Star Line” began its own ocean liner building program with “Oceanic” (construction started in 1928, but the ship was never finished due to the Great Depression of 1931), while the Cunard Line planned its own 75,000 ton liner.

The Queen Mary ship name was given when the new Cunard company received the King George V’s permission to name the liner after “the greatest queen of Britain” Mary of Teck.

The work was completed in March 1936. The Queen Mary ship sailed out for preliminary trials and after being painted in Southampton, the liner was handed over to Cunard White Star Line on 11 May 1936. RMS Queen Mary ship first sailing was on 14 May with its Transatlantic itinerary being Southampton-Cherbourg-New York. By May 1937 the liner had carried a total of almost 57,000 passengers.

As a fun fact – the ship Queen Mary had a shock proof compass – one of the world’s largest magnetic compasses at that time.

This beautiful item, and original from one of the cabins on the ship, is a timepiece to savour. Elegance, memories of better days, and …… GOOD TIMES.