Portable gyroscopic compass

Eye catching compass in cardanic suspension allowing free floating movement.


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What a piece to own.  Complete in original casing, this gorgeous heavy brass and copper piece is made to last.  A compass with a gyroscope system.

The compass is equipped with a cardanic suspension and thus rotates into any desired position. The compass has a white dial with a black compass rose. This is one of our numerous offers in the field of maritime decoration.

The article imitates antiques from the time it was new, made according to the old template. The incorporated signs of wear ensure the antique character and should underline the nostalgic appearance. Therefore, these signs of use are deliberately wanted and do not represent a quality defect.

Brass, glass, antique wood

Outside approx. 12 cm. x 12 cm. Height approx. 8.5 cm.

The hike through time has one goal, find your way like adventurers and explorers did in ancient times. With this model of an old lifeboat compass you not only get a fine and historical-looking measuring device that guides you on the right path, it is also a collector’s item for the desk or the maritime corner in the hobby room. It also serves as an ideal gift for small seafarers or scouts, the story of which is enclosed in a decorative packaging. A needle pointing north, ancient science, captured in a shell made of solid precious wood polished with shellac.