These don’t turn up very often.
Trotman Anchor.
Recently trawled up by a Brixham trawler off the South Coast of England.
Circa 1860

The Trotman Anchor gets its name from John Trotman, who patented this particular type of anchor in 1852.

Possibly made by Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd. of Netherton, England, a company that was involved with creating the anchors used by RMS Titanic and RMS Lusitania.

Weighs approximately 2150kgs
Overall length minus shackle 3.84 mtrs
Stock to flukes attached pin 3.17 mtrs
Stock length 3.30mtrs
Distance between flukes 1.73 mtrs
On close inspection it appears this anchor may have sustained some damage prior to its loss. This can be see by the missing tooth which looks to have had chain added to give the anchor back its balance. Which all adds to its rich history.
The coordinates from its recovery are available to the buyer.
The anchor although covered in crustacean is in very good shape and still pivots in all the right places, once cleaned up this anchor will make a great display.
Not For Sale at this time please contact us to register your interest.
Information and detail is accurate to the best of my knowledge.