Very Rare Blue Funnel Line Sugar Bowl

Very Rare Blue Funnel Line 24cm Side Plate



This very Rare Blue Funnel Line sugar bowl measures 6.5cm diameter 4.5cm tall in good condition.

Blue Funnel Line and Eills Liverpool stamps to rear.

Lovely piece of Ocean Liner history.

Alfred Holt and Company (Blue Funnel Line)
House Flag of the Blue Funnel Line.svg
House flag
Type Subsidiary of the Ocean Steam Ship Company
Industry Shipping, transportation
Founded 16 January 1866
Founder Alfred Holt
Defunct 1988
Fate Bankruptcy; assets sold
Successor Ocean Group plc
Headquarters United Kingdom
Area served global
Key people Victoria Drummond (Engineer)
Parent Ocean Steam Ship Company
Nederlandsche Stoomvaart Maatschappij Oceaan
East India Ocean Steam Ship Company
China Mutual Steam Navigation Company
Alfred Holt and Company, trading as Blue Funnel Line, was a UK shipping company that was founded in 1866 and operated merchant ships for 122 years. It was one of the UK’s larger shipowning and operating companies, and as such had a significant role in the country’s overseas trade and in the First and Second World Wars.