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Return of the Ibex – BM27

As Brixham and the West Country look forward to next year’s 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower, there is renewed interest in the work of the local ship builders J.W. & A. Upham, where Mayflower II was built between 1955-56. Upham’s Yard also saw the building of The Ibex, BM27 (formerly DH416), designed and owned by Andrew Upham, destined to become the fastest ever trawler ever to set sail out of Brixham. She was launched in 1896 and from 1899 won a total of 29 firsts in 33 races. Her premature end came towards the end of WW1 when she was lost after an encounter with a German U Boat, U55 on 29 January 1918.

Fast forward 99 years and some of the wooden beams from Ibex were recovered from the seabed being caught in nets by a Brixham trawler. In a remarkable display of ingenuity and upcycling, each piece has been lovingly restored being carefully dried out, treated and hand crafted into collectable pieces. These beams have been turned into a unique collection of 24 individual display pieces. To learn more about Ibex, her history and see her trophy on display courtesy of the Upham Family & Brixham Yacht Club. Why not visit the exhibition to be found in The Brixham Steam Packet Co., Old Foundry Court, 60a Fore Street, Brixham Mondays – Saturdays between 10.00am – 16.00pm.